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Album #6: The Saga of Shipwreck Key (2013) 

  1.  Set Sail

  2.  The Raging Main
  3.  Sailor Paradise

  4.  Rescue

  5.  Onward Free

  6.  Alive and Well

  7.  Set Sail (live)

  8.  The Raging Main (live)
  9.  Sailor APradise (live)

10.  Rescue (live)

11.   Onward Free (live)

12.   Alive and Well (live)
Also On-line at:
Chris Bianco Music

191 San Miguel #341

Avila Beach, CA 93424

About Shipwreck Key:


  The Saga of Shipwreck Key is a SEVENTEEN-minutes long sailor tale;  sung in six musical movements of describing adventure, disaster, discovery, heartbreak, yearning, and fulfillment. 

   The Saga reflects the depths and moods of sailors and of the sea sometimes gentle & lulling, but sometimes frighteningly violent. It tells in robust sailor poetry & song the SIX-PART tale of one lone sailor's voyage out on a personal sojourn to "Set Sail" to the horizon; then into a sudden terrible gale and into "The Raging Main". Then we find ourselves "Marooned" and still alive (?) on the pristine beaches of "Sailor Paradise" on the mythical Isle of Shipwreck Key and we experience the peace of sublime bliss - but then there's a "Rescue" and the reluctant sailor return to shore, followed by a determined quest to build a new boat "The Onward Free" and to follow Whale & Albatross guides to return "Alive and Well" back to his (maybe not-so-mythical) Isle.   

Demo Released on Sailorsong Records 2013




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