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Album #11: Solo Sailor (2016)

1. California
2. Open Seas
3. Down at The Beach
4. Sea Girl
5. A Sailors Dream
6. Seabirds Flying
7. Fair Winds and Following Seas
8. Her Deepness
9. Home on The Sea
10. Watch the Sun Kiss the Sea

Also On-line at:
Chris Bianco Music

191 San Miguel #341

Avila Beach, CA 93424
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About Solo Sailor:


  A Sailorsong Records sampler album consisting of ten solo acoustic performances of original Nautical and Coastal genre music, sung in the writer's own voice with his own solo acoustic guitar accompaniment...robust, vibrant, and alive as the sea.   The songs on the Solo Sailor sampler CD are all afloat on memorable melodies and meaningful lyrics straight from the blue heart of the sea.    You will find no pirate fantasies here babe, only music reflecting the genuine modern sailor's passion and articulating his/her lifestyle choice. Strongly acoustic in drive, but with moments of serious grit.   

   Also tasty new upbeat sunny beach music.  All new, modern "coastal-lifestyle" music to help transport you to this golden-blue and sandy place from wherever else you may happen to be. 

Demo released on the Sailorsong label 2016




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