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Album #13: REFLECTIONS (2017)
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1.  Look Me In The Eye
2.  Choices and Chances
3.  Wondering Eyes
4.  Study Hard
5.  It's Your Choice
6.  Food For Thought
7.  Stiff Competition
8.  Climate Change
9.  Better Change
10.  Tell Them The Truth
Chris Bianco Music

191 San Miguel #341

Avila Beach, CA 93424
About Reflections:


REFLECTIONS is upbeat pop/rock  Raucous and rowdy,  but with deeply meaningful and thought-provoking poetry transformed into song lyrics with volumes of  non-conformist and unconventional  social commentary imbedded throughout  the musical depths.  Music that rocks & rivets but also sometimes slides & glides;  lyrics reflecting the art of thinking freely without limitations about near everything that really matters;  powerful concepts espousing renewed perspectives and ways of influencing the world.   Better engage your open mind before listening, and brace yourself for strong doses of today's reality served straight-up to an edgy beat!!


Demo Released on Earthansong Records 2017






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