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Album #14: WEDDING PARTY (2017)

1. Make My Dream Come True

2. Fly Away With You
3. Riding on Our Rainbow
4. Sweatshirts and Old Blue Jeans
5. Bridesmaids Boogie
6. Soft Touch
7. The Girl Inside My Dreams
8. Golden Rings
9. Will She Be His Bride
10. Yes I Do
11. Darling I Love You
12. Faith In Our Dreams
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About Wedding Party:


It's "Fancy, Dancy, and Romancy" wedding, engagement & proposal party music.  Purpose-built to celebrate falling in love, popping the question, and tying the knot.    Designed to provide event-appropriate music for every aspect of a wedding event; from prelude, to processional, bride's walk, ceremony, recessional, postlude, cocktail hour, first dance, bride & father dance, groom & mother dance, and the bouquet toss.  Wedding Party music is strictly secular, and plays well in ANY wedding celebration, in any corner of the globe.


Feedback and commentary from actual wedding party participants:

                     -  "The best music to come dancing down the wedding aisle in a long, long time."

                    -  "Destined to become wedding standards and classics."

                    -  "New-world, retro-romance music made like they used to when they wrote

                  them  by hand and sung them by heart."

                    -  "Crooning & swooning in an upbeat, new old-school style."


Demo Released on Love In Song Records, 2017 



Read the REVIEW published by the Lively Times





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