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Christopher Mario Bianco



  Christopher Mario Bianco writes, records, produces and self-publishes  original songs, plays, movies and theme albums.  CMB has produced 2 feature-length movies, 17 albums and one play (as of May 2019).  Each album creation consists of between 9 and 13 original songs, and each album project is devoted to exploring a particular theme in some depth (mountains, nautical, coastal, romance...), and then developing a series of pieces that explore the various aspects of that theme.     The  latest release is an album dedicated to the proposal, engagement, and matrimonial romance theme – called “Wedding Party” it’s Fancy, Dancy, and Romancy!     For this album CMB also studied the great crooners and club singers of the 50s & 60s (i.e. Bing Crosby, Bobby Darren, Sammy Davis Jr...) and then recreated a composite personage/image of their cool-cat characters in order to portray a classy wedding singer from back in the day.   Other theme albums also have unique characters associated with them as well (a sailor, a beach comber, a jazz singer, and a mountaineer).  CMB performs theme shows incorporating this music publically in world-class resorts and fine dining & libations venues; and privately for very special & discreet events (visit Chris-Bianco-Music.com  for details).

  CMB has also founded and operates five independent record labels  - Wildersong Records, Sailorsong Records, Earthansong Records, Love in Song Records, and the Earthan Workshops & Studios.   CMB was the sole performer and engineer on all of the recordings, playing all of the instruments, and singing all of the vocals.

  All of CMB's sound recordings were recorded in various home studio situations (usually the attic) on inexpensive commercial analogue and digital audio workstations.   All of the recordings are admittedly amateur-grade in recording & production techniques.  All will require either additional recording & engineering work to bring them up to finished-grade standards - or will best serve as music references upon which to base new recording & production employing professional musicians, studio engineers, and producers.  It is the songs themselves much more than the demo recordings that are the real product here.   In addition to published material illustrated here we are making the complete UNPUBLISHED collection of CMB's writings and recordings available as a separate option (there are hundreds).   Consider the fact that the entire CMB catalogue is on offer (both published and unpublished), and that this represents the complete collection of a single author (CMB) and the package offering assumes a value-added far beyond any single piece or album.


Chris Bianco Music

191 San Miguel #341

Avila Beach, CA 93424
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