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Chris Bianco Music

191 San Miguel #341

Avila Beach, CA 93424
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  CMB has founded and operates FIVE independent record labels; Love In Song Records; Wildersong Records; Sailorsong Records; Earthansong Records, and the Earthan Workshops & Studios.  Each of these labels exist as a theme label chartered to publish CMB original music along five distinct theme lines:   "Love In Song" exists to platform the romance-themed material.  "Wilder Song" for the nature & environmental-themed material.  "Sailor Song" for the Nautical & Coastal songs.  "Earthan Song" for a new brand-line of lifestyle & cultural commentary material.  The Earthan Workshops & Studios is CMB's original recording label platforming material from the early days.   Each have their own web sites for distribution and performance booking purposes.  Chris also operates the Wildersong Publishing company which services all of CMB's catalog.





Wildersong Publishing is CMB's primary publishing outlet, it is registered with ASCAP (member ID 4095415).  Wildersong Records was  founded to produce most of the nature and outdoors-themed original material.  We've released THREE albums on Wildersong Records:  In Montana, Triple Creek, Natural Causes.



Sailorsong is the recording company for our nautical and coastal themed music. We've recorded & released FOUR albums on this label: Beaches, Sails, Solo Sailor, and Shipwreck Key.  We've also created two feature-length music movies consisting of 13 individual music vignettes each.




We've also launched the "Earthan Song Records" label to publish our new lively, upbeat 'lifestyle commentary' material. We've released the new "Sage Counsel" album and video vignettes to build on the "Reflections" album theme on Earthan Song.
We've recently inaugurated the new Love In Song Records label to host the Love and Romance lifestyle material. Our one release under the Love In Song banner is our latest work "Wedding Party" - Fancy, Dancy, and Romancy upbeat music for falling in love, popping the big question, and getting married to. Serious Big Love medicine! We've also created and released two music video vignettes unique to the Love-in-Song label.
The Earthan Workshops & Studios is CMB's original record company. This label released FIVE albums including both of the "Cascade Timber" albums (Earth Home & In The Mountains); and the first three new albums of the 2000s - Riding on A Rainbow, The Wine Album, and Blue Waters Call.
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