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Album #4: Blue Waters Call (2012) 

  1.  Blue Waters Call

  2. Waves Crash On The Beach

  3. A Sailor's Dream

  4. Sea Girl

  5. ailing Onward Free

  6. The Storm

  7. New Day Dawning

  8. The River Bitterroot (The Waters Truth)

  9. Leave Us Alone


Also On-line at:
Chris Bianco Music

191 San Miguel #341

Avila Beach, CA 93424

About Blue Waters Call:


Modern Sailor music; deep, hearty, and soulful as the Sea is blue.  "Blue Waters Call" is a collection of original nautical music articulating the bond and the timeless, boundless link between sailors and the oceans, the seas, and the rivers that call to them in their dreams... "Come Home to the Sea...Come Home to Me".   This is music and sung-poetry intimately describing the sailor's yearning, the Sea's calling, and the Water's Truth that draws certain of us down to the sea in our ships, or on our boards, or just to walk the beach for miles to drink it all in and expand our awareness of the presence of the living waters.    Listen...hear and taste the salty air calling to you in your dreams, and let the Blue Waters Call lead you home.



Demo Released on Sailorsong Records 2012




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