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Album #7: In Montana (2014) 

  1. In Montana
  2. On A Windy Winter Night
  3. Campfire
  4. The River Bitterroot

  5. Bareback Rider (The Wolf's Call)

  6. Grandfather of the Wilderlands

  7. Fresh Mountain Air

  8. Singing in My Dreaming
  9. Your Montana Home
Also On-line at:
Chris Bianco Music

191 San Miguel #341

Avila Beach, CA 93424
About In Montana:

All of the music on In Montana highlights key aspects of being in the mountains, and experiencing the wilderness environment.  The title track “In Montana” was written to serve as an uplifting and inspiring state theme song for Montana.  The River Bitterroot” describes those water’s very real and inspiring effect; “Your Montana Home” is both a gentle lullaby and a soulful requiem (to welcome Montana’s babies to their new home, and to send the departed off to sleep); “Grandfather of the Wilderlands” is a tribute to the wisdom of all elder mountain folks; “Campfire”, “Fresh Mountain Air”, “On A Windy Winter Night”… all of the pieces on “In Montana” reflect some aspect of wild nature as experienced ouside in the mountains.  All the songs on this album incorporate a very high degree of environmental  awareness; all promote and encourage a deep respect and reverence for the wilder-lands and the wilder-life.


Demo Released on Wildersong Records 2014




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