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Album #12: TRIPLE CREEK (2017)

Song list 
   1. The River Bitterroot
   2. On A Windy Winter Night
   3. In Montana
   4. Campfire
   5. Fresh Mountain Air
   6. Singing In My Dreaming
   7. Grandfather of the Wilderlands
   8. Your Montana Home
   9. Songbird
 10. The Whole Earth Is My Home

Also On-line at:
Chris Bianco Music

191 San Miguel #341

Avila Beach, CA 93424
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About Triple Creek:


"Triple Creek contains a wealth of sweet acoustic "Natural Folk” music that celebrates the living Earth and pays homage to the Spirit of the Wilderness, and the wilder senses that still manage to rise up within us when we awaken of a crisp mountain morning somewhere deep within some primal-green place in the forest - in the mountains - or perhaps just in our dreams... Triple Creek is an echo of the song of the mountains and the rustle of a gentle breeze through the forest; it is the soulful call of the deep wild; and it harmonizes human voice with animal skins, bones, and guitar strings reflecting back the living song of the Earth’s wilder places and inhabitants. Musical ambrosia for all of us lovers of wilder songs from wilder places."  Some of the music on Triple Creek was previously released on the In Montana album, and some on the Natural Causes album.  These tracks have been shortened, remastered, and remixed.

Demo Released on the Wildersong label 2017




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